Wildlands Weekend Bass Tournament Sept 8, 2018 At Blue Marsh Lake      Dry Brooks Launch
North of Reading PA      Route 183 and Palisades Drive
Safe Light until 2PM   
Boat Check and Registration 6AM
Weigh-in 2PM at Dry Brooks Launch
Entry  $50. per boat  2 Anglers per Boat
Optional : Double Dip  $10.
Optional: Lunker  $10
Pay-off 80% of entry less expenses   
100%Double Dip  and Lunker
Starting Position Assigned in Order
Entries are Received. Pre-entries must
be received by Sept 7, 2018.  Any
remaining  positions to be drawn
morning of tournament.
Max field 49 boats
4 Bass limit per boat Largemouth and
Smallmouth only  Bass must measure 15
inches   Any undersize bass will disqualify
boat  Dead fish penalties of 4 ounces per
fish.  Boat must be equipped with an
operating livewell. No Trolling
No  live bait
PA Fishing license Required
PFBC regulations apply  PFD's must be
worn when combustion engine is running
No passing in no-wake zones
Jake Wesner
Wildlands Bass Tournament
Aron Luburich and Eric Stecker "To the Top of the Pack" at the Wildlands Bass Tournament at Blue Marsh Lake 9/8/2018.   
Four largemouth weighing 13.76 lbs gave them the win.  This team took  "Lunker" with a 5.48 lb largemouth
Steven Freymoyer and Randy Shirk took the second spot with four largemouth weighing 12.52 lbs.

Abel Lara and Eric Bradley  took third  with three  largemouth  and one smallmouth weighing 12.45 lbs.

Guy Foscone and Ted Guistwite took fourth with three largemouth and one smallmouth  weighing 12.04 lbs.

Bob Entler and Tony Ferrier took fifth with 3 largemouth and one smallmouth  at 11.52 lbs.

40 boats         116 bass         31 smallmouth        85 largemouth        water temp  78