IWL BassTournament Sat. April 9,  2016 at Blue Marsh Lake
Troy Wink
Nick Wink
Hoysock and Hoffman  2nd with 4 Smalies and
1 Largemouth  weighing 13.40 LBS
Nick and Troy Wink  First Place  with Five Smallies and One Largemouth at 15.59 LBS
 Mike and Linda Hertzog    "Lunker" with a 5.03 LBS Largemouth
50/50 Drawing
Wailing Wall
Ike's at Work
Travis Collins and Kevin Gergel finished third  with 3 largemouth and 2 smallies at 13.15 LBS   Things sure can get
close at Blue Marsh.... that is 1/4 of a pound....4 ounces difference between  2nd and third